The overall objective of this workshop is to provide a venue for practitioners and researchers, from within and outside of HCI, to begin to shape the future of stakeholder involvement in agile software development (Agile). By Agile we mean for example: Scrum, Kanban, XP, DSDM, Lean software development, Continuous software development. The stakeholders we focus on in this workshop are: 1) Users, 2) Agile managers (eg. Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Project Managers) 3) Team members 4) Customers, clients or in-house managers (those who pay, but are not users of the system). There could be other stakeholder defined like: executive managers and other external stakeholders (e.g. legislators, industry bodies, auditors, financial backers), but in this workshop we focus on the four groups above.

The workshop has three objectives:

  1. Identify challenges for stakeholder involvement in Agile.
  2. Discuss and evaluate existing strategies for coping with the challenges for stakeholder involvement in Agile.
  3. Discuss future trends for studying and improving stakeholder involvement in Agile.

This workshop is aimed at both academia and industry (e.g., academic or industrial researchers, graduate students, designers, developers, project managers), where the experience from Agile and stakeholder involvement may vary along with people’s backgrounds and areas of specialization or expertise.